Our Services


Whether it's a thriving economy or a vibrant organisation, its people power that makes all the difference. Quite naturally, people power is going to play a significant role in the development of organisations of the future. And it's precisely to harness the best human resources that Talent Recruiters was formed. Our focused yet flexible approach ensures we go the full circle to provide Human Capital solutions for growing organisations The value of our services is what keeps our clients happy and ensures that our reputation for quality continues to grow. We assist our Clients in creating and developing their talent pool, by providing following services.

Permanent Staffing

To enable timely selection we provide required no of candidates short listed, as per the job description and selection criteria.

Turnkey Recruitment

We can take over the entire selection process on their behalf, if so desired by our clients.

Walk-in Management

Arrange walk-ins and provide required no of short listed candidates alongwith other facilities to enable our clients to make selections of suitable candidates.

Payroll Outsourcing

We also provide HR support services like scrutiny and disbursement of salary and other payments to the employees as per the policies of our clients.

Manpower Outsourcing

We provide suitable manpower to our clients, employed by and on the pay roll of Talent Recruiters.


Training & Development

Talent Learning and Development; the training arm of Talent Recruiters, offers highly customized learning and development solutions in the areas of soft skills in customer satisfaction, negotiation skills, leadership & motivation, mentoring and team building, behavioral studies and training that helps in personal and professional development.